College Training Program in Kolkata

College training program is a manifesto for providing complete training for engineering students in latest technologies to college students from different arenas like B.Tech/M.Tech, B.Sc/M.Sc, BCA/MCA, etc. within college campus itself. College campus training is imperative because it has all its attributes which are vital for students to know before they enter into the corporate life where Practical LIVE training is give more priority than theoretical learning.

With a rapid changes in the IT and allied industries, skill enhancement is the major portion of the day and we at Ogma TechLab understand it well. Students don’t need just training, they need special skills to enhance their career growth. At Ogma Techlab we have customized programs to enhance technical skills of the students. Such program go simultaneously with the university program or it can be conducted during Summer or Winter Vacation, aligning to the institution needs. Ogma TechLab has conducted such programs at many colleges / Universities.

At Ogma TechLab, college campus training is designed to enrich the industry readiness level of students making them employable. Being a Technology Promotion Association provides on campus training at moderate fee. During College campus training, Ogma TechLab delivers students with practical as well as theoretical learning and students are granted opportunity to work on major project. Ogma TechLab also supplies study materials and lab materials to the students. After Successful completions of College training, students are provided with Certificates. On-campus training is helpful for both colleges and students as well. Money of student is utilized because fee of on campus training program is lesser than off-campus training courses. Students can pursue 2-4 weeks college campus training programs in all technologies so that they can cover the syllabus comprehensively and avail the benefits as well as the quality that the company offers.

On-campus training, as the word suggest in itself is the training, which is arranged in college campus, although this training is not ordinary as it accommodates the entire real facet. Through such training, students immigrate into the professional cosmos where practical awareness is given major inclination that the abstract knowledge.