Geographical Restrictions

Industrial Educations programs are often subject to geographical restrictions. Some states only authorize certain colleges and programs to enroll their residents, and some online schools only accept applicants living in certain countries, states or regions. We mainly provide technical training in west Bengal regions. Students should contact admission advisors at schools of interest directly to clarify and confirm eligibility.


Tuition Cost: Tuition cost displayed on Ogmatechlab.com are not guaranteed. Rates are often vary as per the course content selected by the students and duration. We offer training in perspective to summer/winter College’s vocational training and also advanced career oriented training courses.

Admissions Policies: Most industrial vocational programs establish their own admission criteria and policies and they have different requirements from on-campus and off-campus programs; therefore students should review admissions deadlines, procedure and requirements before applying to any specific course program. In addition, all courses have selective admission policies and do not accept every student that applies.

Online Programs with Campus Requirements: While some core department courses require a limited number of campus visit, travel expenses are not typically covered by tuition and fees. Students should research and consider these cost before committing to a program.

While we work hard to ensure the information we present in correct and current, courses are subject to change at any time. Students should contact our office directly for most up-to-date information regarding specific degree programs, course offerings, tuition rates, admission requirements, start dates, program lengths, program outcomes and geographical restrictions.