The importance of 6 months industrial Training in Kolkata by Ogma TechLab!

In today’s market scenario what we can observe in India is about the unemployment, and the statistics tells that most of the students who graduate from Engineering college do not have enough knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the industry. This is for the clear of the college culture does not tally the Industry requirements. Students can access its labs any time for free to practice for their practical sessions.


After completion of the 6 months industrial Training in Kolkata, students obtain recognized certificate from Ogma TechLab which validates the professional’s knowledge on the selected technology. Each of the topics under the selected technology consists of well-balanced theory and provides hands-on training to optimize the knowledge regarding the concepts. This how the concept of 6 months industrial Training came into existence to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical industrial world.


Ogma TechLab started delivering 6 months industrial Training in Kolkata in various evergreen technologies like Java, Android, iOS, Python, J2EE, PLC, SCADA, AutoCAD, Networking, CCNA, Oracle, Linux, AVR, Embedded system, PLC and SCADA, CNC, RTOS, Robotics, MY SQL, C/C++, Java, Digital Marketing, Cloud computing, and much more.


Ogma TechLab’s 6 months industrial Training in Kolkata is valuable for students as it provides them with skills to maintain their credibility after entering into the technological industry. 6 months industrial Training in Kolkata also increases a student’s knowledge base in the selected technology which helps them to survive in the competitive world.


Ogma TechLab has the designed, revised and updated the syllabus of all its 6 months industrial Training program to match them with the benchmark of the industry. It also has well-furnished labs with modern tools and equipment and free Wi-Fi. Take action, because it’s your action that will result in positive outcome. Moreover, Ogma TechLab assists its certified students in getting lucrative job offers after completion of their training.


Initially, students may encounter a lot of confusion in deciding which technological training to pursue but it’s the students itself who can decide what is best for him/her.


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