Data science with Artificial Intelligence


Become an expert in data analytics using R programing language in this data science certifications training course. You will be a master in data exploration, data visualization, predictive analytics, and descriptive analytics technique. With the data science course, you’ll get hands-on-practice by implementing various real-life, industry-based projects in the domains of healthcare, retail, insurance and many more

About the Course

Data Science, deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have all been subject to much research and consideration in the last decade. The present use of these forms and is expected to get increase in near future applicability means that they will correlate with each other to form the basis of a smart society.

Its imperative to comprehend what they are and how they work towards creating a more technologically advanced society.

Artificial Intelligence

The term “AI” is used so often now a days that we have a basic understanding of what it means: a computer’s ability to perform task such as visual perceptions, speech recognition, decision making and language translation.

Data Science

Data science is much more than just a simple machine learning. Data here may not have been obtained through a machine, and it may not even be for learning purposes. Data Science is not just related to the statistical aspect of the project of the process, but it feeds the process and derives benefits out of it through data engineering. Data engineers and data scientists have a huge role to play on propelling AI forward.

The use of the data science, deep learning and AI in tandem has opened the door for myriad opportunities. AI has a major role to play in shaping the benefits that we may enjoy in the future.

Why should I learn Data Science with AI from Ogma TechLab?

This course forms an ideal package for aspiring data analyst aspiring to build a successful career in analytics/data science. By the end of this training, participants will acquire a 360 degree overview of the business analytics like data exploration, data visualization, predictive analytics etc.


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